June 7th Day 5 on Camino Frances


Today’s start was cold,cloudy and rainy! Shorts have given way to long pants & short sleeves to long sleeve layers. Threw in the umbrella for good measure too! Rooster sent us on our way…

Up with the roosters! Up with the roosters!
Blue door! Blue door!

Continue to see many of the peregrinos that we’ve seen the past several days

Caught this picture of the blooming genista just as the sun broke thru!

Genista racemosa (Sweet broom) Genista racemosa (Sweet broom)

Rain gave way to this rainbow!

I’m glad it was the cows in all this muck & not us! Although we had our share on the trail after yesterday’s rain.



Cows & a stream! Cows & a stream!

Arrived in Sarria wet & tired but nothing that a beer couldn’t fix!


Now to find some lunch…image


2 thoughts on “June 7th Day 5 on Camino Frances

  1. Well done to the Happy Wanderers ! What a great experience, memories for a life time! Now the ‘trek ‘ back to the ol’ USA for you 2 and home in Madrid for you other 2! Prenez soin de voussoirs. YBS

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